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How To Select Keywords For Your Web Site

What are keywords and keyword phrases?
A keyword is any word that a user may search for on a search engine to find
your web site. A keyword phrase is a phrase made up of 2 or more keywords,
e.g. "apartments" is a keyword; "central pennsylvania apartments" is a
keyword phrase.

How do I choose keyword phrases?
Think like your customers. What keywords would they use to find a product

or service like yours? Make a list of these keywords and pair them into likely
combinations that people might use on a search engine. Why keyword

phrases? Most people search for information using keyword phrases
(2 to 3 keywords in a row), NOT single words. With the millions of web sites
that are indexed now on search engines, people learn very quickly that typing
in "restaurants" will return listings for restaurants from around the world.
People will pair this word with a more specific word(s) such as "Harrisburg
Pennsylvania restaurants." More importantly this combination will bring you
a more qualified prospect. Next go to the major search engines and type in
your keyword phrases. Chances are you will find some additional keywords
in either the title or the description of the top listings.

For example, let's say you own a restaurant in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania,

specializing in seafood with catering and banquet facilities.

Some of your keywords might be:

Some of your keyword phrases might be:
harrisburg pa restaurant(s)
seafood restaurants harrisburg
banquets harrisburg
caterers harrisburg pennsylvania

Because search engines often return partial matches by default, using the

plural form of your keywords such as "restaurants" will often return matches
with "restaurant."

Once you have completed your list of keyword phrases, review your list and

ask yourself if people would really type these combinations in a search
engine. If not go back and re-do your combinations. Having developed your
best keyword phrases, give your list to friends, colleagues and maybe even
your clients for review. Make changes as necessary.

Next list your keyword phrases in order of priority or importance, the most

important being first. The last thing you will need to do is add the letter 's'
to the end of any appropriate keywords (or the plural form). Most people
search for keywords in the plural form.

Ready to choose your keywords? Fill out the Keyword Selection Form.

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