Search Engine Registration and Submission - Get Top Listing. Promoting Online will improve search engine placement and maintain high search engine positions with our monitoring service. Free tips and secrets to increase your search engine listing.

"Improve Your Search Engine Placement and
Increase Your Web Site Traffic"

Search Engine users are performing keyword searches 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Do they find you or do they find your competition?

Promoting Online is dedicated to helping you improve your search engine
placement and increase your web site traffic.

Simply submitting to the search engines is just not enough. You have

probably seen mass e-mail messages that offer to promote your web site
to hundreds of search engines. Submission to the search engines is one
thing (there is software that will do this for you), but achieving a high
placement is something altogether different.

Why should you be concerned about your placement in the
search engines?

Good search engine positioning is important to your web site's success.
After all...What good is a web site if no one can find it?

The proper formation of your web site’s Title Tag and Meta Tags,
can control how search engines catalog your site. Not all search
engines make use of Meta Tags, but using them will definitely improve your position in those that do. Your web site must have a good Title,
good keywords (or keyword phrases) and good Meta Tags. We combine
your ideas with our research to create the Tags that will get your site
at or near the top in the search engines.

We Offer the Following Web Site Services:

   redbullt.bmp (450 bytes) Web Site Optimization
       Includes optimizing your home page by modifying or creating all   
       necessary tags including Title Tag, Keyword Meta Tag,
       Description Meta Tag, ALT Text Tag and Comments Tag.

       We will then hand submit your web site to the following top 10
       search engines and directories:

   redbullt.bmp (450 bytes) Monthly Monitoring of your web site's position
  Once we have optimized your web site for high search engine     
       placement, we can help you maintain your high search engine

   redbullt.bmp (450 bytes) Automatic submission to 300+ search engines
       We will submit your web site to 300+ search engines using
       submission software. The more web sites that link to you, the
       higher some search engines will list your site.

Successfully optimizing your web site is a big task. You need to know
all the search engine rules and the proper techniques to improve your
position in the search results. But, it can be done! Search engines are
one of the last playing fields where both small and large companies can
compete against each other. And with proper search engine optimization,
the little guy can win!
keyThe Key to High Search Engine Placement

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